Opportunity International Canada is a charity driven by the belief that everyone has the right to live their lives with dignity. We all deserve to hold our heads high, to send our children to school, to have a say in our households. But without access to financial services, a better life may be just out of reach.
Nearly 1 billion people in the world are like Paula —driven, eager for change, working for her family—but can’t get the traction she needs to escape poverty. She has an entrepreneurial spirit without a businessman’s bank account. She already has a plan. She just needs an opportunity.

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Teen Challenge helps men and women aged 18+ to overcome addictions by developing the whole person within the context of a residential facility. Students learn character and leadership development skills, health and life skills, and have the opportunity to acquire some vocational training.
This program also provides opportunities for students to learn planning and decision-making skills and to learn to contribute to Teen Challenge and the community.

The Bridge Fellowship Centre is a street mission in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada that exists to bring people together, from the inner city and across Saskatoon, unified by God's Holy Spirit, to meet needs and transform lives. 
We are a non-profit, non-denominational, faith ministry; a Christian organization that responds compassionately to the needs of the inner city's less fortunate through mobilizing and working with the church and the community.

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Please contact our office for any inquiries regarding donations or sponsorships.